College Prep for Middle and High School Students



We prepare youth for college success.


Our programs equip students to better handle the academic, financial, and social challenges they will face in their college careers.  All programming materials are provided to the students free of charge.



We offer flexible programming options.


Our programming options range from single day sessions to 12-week programs.



College Counseling Academic Help Entrance Exam Prep
12-Week Program Yes Yes Yes
8-Week Program Yes Yes No
4-Week Program Yes No No
Single Day Sessions Yes No No


 They helped me improve my writing, because I was always told I was a good writer, but they helped me become a great writer.” – Lettie-Ann Miller


We provide continuing support after program completion.


Graduates of our 4, 8, and 12-Week programs can enroll in Follow Up! Follow Through!, a comprehensive program that provides our alumni with free mentorship and assistance while they are away at college.


Contact us to get started.


We partner with schools, neighborhood organizations, community centers, churches, and similar groups to select students and deliver our college prep programming.


Want to bring Excellence for Detroit to your neighborhood? Please contact Lead Instructor Daniel O’Brien at [email protected] to learn how.