Change a young person’s life.


Volunteering with us is a great way to help a young person reach his or her true potential. For example, our Volunteer Instructors work with teens to prepare them for success both inside and outside the college classroom.

“Working with Excellence for Detroit was one of the best experiences I’ve had working with young people. To watch the kids take on Langston Hughes and debate views of the Harlem Renaissance was inspiring, and it just goes to show how much potential they have. Working with E4D confirmed my passion for working with young people, as well as for the City of Detroit”
– Kristi Andreski, former instructor


“As someone who has grown up in the Detroit area and as a graduate of Wayne State University, I wanted to give back to the community in a real, tangible, and interactive way and E4D gave me the perfect opportunity to get involved. I really enjoyed getting to know the students because to me they represent the heart of Detroit.”

– Lauren Rosolino, former instructor

Take part in Detroit’s comeback.


There are also non-classroom positions available. We always need folks to help get the word out. Popular non-classroom positions are Volunteer Marketing Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator. These volunteers are just as critical for us to grow and expand our programming.


Learn important skills.


Whether you are working with students in the classroom or are behind the scenes, volunteering is a great way to learn new skills. This is especially true for recent graduates or individuals looking to change careers. We have had volunteers hone their skills with us as instructors, youth mentors, fundraisers, recruiters, administrators, and graphic designers.

“Volunteering with Excellence for Detroit was a wonderful experience. I got to fine-tune my marketing and graphic design skills, which helped me land clients and establish my design studio. It also felt great knowing that my work was advancing such a great cause.”
– Dylan Tanner, Glaance Creative Media

Search for an opening.


Feel free to visit our page on Idealist to check for recent openings. We also encourage you to speak with Assistant Director Jonathan Fouch ([email protected]) about any openings.